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Cie Freikopf

Mélusine and Hanno meet first at 'Académie Fratellini' in Paris in 2013,
where she is training with with Sasha Dubrovnik and Marina Bouglione.
Hanno is about to receive his DMA - Diploma and to graduate from Fratellini.
They Fund 'Copmagnie Freikopf' and decide to collaborate and to create a common artistic language and universe.


Besides their main disciplines: Trapeze and Handstands, they start to train
Hand to Hand, Handstands Adagio, Spanish Web, Aerial Straps, Aerial Hoop and Knife Throwing.

Hanno and Mélusine decide to create their first common piece: 'La Chambre Emerveillée' in 2016.
- Benoit Keller joins the Team as Musician, Artistic Director Bernard Martin Fargier from 'Le Théâtre des Oiseaux'
The creation gets support and funding by the french minister of culture and education through their 'creation en cours' program by Ateliers Médicis.

In the following, they are winning several prices on international festivals with their solo acts, besides touring their Show.

In 2020 Mélusine is rewarded the 'FoRTE' scholarship by the region Île de France and the ministry of culture for her artistic solo project 'l'echappée'.

Hanno receives the 'FoRTE' funding in Collaboration with the 'Théâtre des Oiseaux' in 2021 - the project is currently running.


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